A Beautiful Alternative

Do you find yourself drawn to stones?

Whether you are Buddhist, Muslim, Christian, or Pagan, there is undeniably something mystically fascinating about crystal gemstones. In The Book of Stones, Robert Sardello, Ph.D. writes, ”There is an unmistakable presence, a who, that accompanies every stone with which we establish a relationship.” I could not agree more, but first, we have to develop this relationship. As I understand it, there are three ways the stones work simultaneously. There are three levels to this fascinating relationship.
  • First, the Physical Level, which requires openness. That means we must do away with judgment and see what is before us without any preconceptions.
  • Next is the Soul Level. This may prove to be somewhat tricky for some because it takes a little more. It requires us to be present, truly see and connect with the stone. See the sparkling, multifaceted nuances embodied within the gem. See how the stone goes on exerting its presence when it is no longer physically present.
  • Lastly, you have the Spirit Level.  When you can sit and meditate and have a conscious blending with the inner qualities of the stone, you have reached the Spirit Level.
Crystals and stones hold powerful energies; each one contains its own special superpower and healing properties. Has it been scientifically proven that working with crystals actually works? No, it has not. Nevertheless, crystal gemstones could be a beautiful alternative for those on a journey of spiritual growth, consciousness-expanding, or self-healing. What crystals do you find yourself drawn to?

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