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Valyrie Rose

Rose Quartz Rhinestone Bracelet

Rose Quartz Rhinestone Bracelet

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8MM Rose Quartz and Rose Rhinestone Pave Clay Beads come together with a tiny silver heart. This fun bracelet can be paired with many of our other bracelets or worn separately. It would make the perfect gift for your loved one.


Whether it is romantic love, self-love, familiar love, or friendship love, this stone will help you open your heart unconditionally. As a stone of love, Rose Quartz will help you release boundaries enabling you to accept more love into your life and to give more love. If you are looking for love and having trouble finding it, meditating with Rose Quartz helps you see where you may be blocking or sabotaging your love life. Rose Quartz helps enhance your potential for compassion, kindness, and understanding for everyone. Rose Quartz is also a powerful stone for self-love, reminding you to love yourself first and foremost. 



Some beads may appear to have slight surface or internal characteristics. While every effort is made to represent color as accurately as possible, slight variations may occur due to differences in individual monitor's settings, flash used in photographing, natural light and sunlight and photo enlargement.

How to Care for Your Bracelet

Do not immerse your bracelet in water for long periods. Remove your bracelets when swimming, showering/bathing, washing dishes, etc.

Avoid using harsh cleaning chemicals while wearing your bracelets. This can wear elastic.

Clean your bracelet with a soft, moist cloth. Avoid using jewelry cleaners or harsh chemicals as they can erode gems.

Do not stretch your bracelets. Roll on your wrist when you put them on and when removing them.

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