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Valyrie Rose

Blue Goldstone Evil Eye Hamsa Bracelet

Blue Goldstone Evil Eye Hamsa Bracelet

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This stunning Evil Eye and Hamsa Bracelet is handmade using Blue Sandstone, Lapis Lazuli, Blue Spot Jasper, Blue Aventurine, and White Jade. Come as a set but can be worn individually! The Hamsa symbolizes harmony and protection against Ayin Ha'ra or the Evil Eye. This is why some Hamsa hands have an eye in the center of the palm. The Evil Eye is an ancient symbol and amulet representing the sum of evil forces in the world.


Blue Sandstone brings courage, confidence, and willpower. It clears the mind and helps you to find the truth. Blue Sandstone can help in calming down and bringing positive energies into your life. It is a stone of peace and destiny. This gemstone symbolizes wealth, success, and victory.


Releases stress, anger, and negative feelings bringing a sense of deep peace. This gemstone is said to have the ability to help the wearer become spiritually enlightened and to be able to see the truth more clearly.


This gemstone emits slow and constant energy allowing you to be in the moment. It promotes courage and inner strength.


A stone of self-discipline and inner strength. It assists one in making clear decisions and sticking by them. It clears old, stagnant energies, helping you to open up to inner growth and spiritual work. It aids in healing anxiety and stress. Strengthens communication abilities, allowing you to speak out when required.


This stone helps us to connect to higher vibrational energy. It increases our insight and helps us to act intuitively. White Jade has the ability to increase or enhance the energy of love in your life. It can make challenges seem easier, and it can calm a troubled mind. 

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