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Valyrie Rose

Golden Healer Quartz Bracelet

Golden Healer Quartz Bracelet

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Golden healer quartz crystals are said to emanate deep, powerful currents for the body's healing and the expansion of consciousness. Golden healer Quartz brings an emotional tone of joy into our life, helping us feel inner Joy regardless of circumstances. It is said to aid in joining the highest spiritual Light into human beings and the earth initiating one's connection to Christ consciousness. Transform your energy and elevate your spiritual journey with the powerful currents emanating from golden healer quartz crystals. These crystals not only promote physical healing, but also bring a sense of joy and inner peace, allowing you to shine your brightest self regardless of any challenges you may face. Experience the beauty of connecting to a higher spiritual light and tapping into your own Christ consciousness with golden healer quartz.

8MM Gemstone Bracelet. All sizes are in inches

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