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Valyrie Rose

Health and Healing Bracelet

Health and Healing Bracelet

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Introducing our Health and Healing Bracelet, a unique piece of jewelry designed to not only adorn your wrist but also align with the manifestation of good health, mental well-being, and healing. This bracelet is crafted with Dumortierite and Tibetan Agate, two powerful stones known for their unique properties.

Dumortierite, a stone of patience, serves as a daily reminder of our lifelong health journey and encourages mental discipline, helping us stay focused on our goals. On the other hand, Tibetan Agate, a stone of spiritual healing and power, is believed to bring good health, fortune, and longevity.

Whether you are looking for a piece of jewelry that stands out or a talisman that accompanies your health journey, this Health and Healing Bracelet is the perfect accessory for you. It embodies a powerful message of wellness and makes a thoughtful gift for anyone in pursuit of wellness and mental peace.

1-Always remove your bracelets when swimming, showering/bathing, washing dishes, etc.
2-To minimize wear and tear of elastic, avoid using harsh cleaning chemicals while wearing your bracelets.
3-It is best to clean your bracelet with a soft, moist cloth and avoid using harsh chemicals such as jewelry cleaners as they can erode gems.
4-Do not stretch your bracelets. It is recommended to roll your bracelet on your wrist when putting it on and remove it.
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