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Valyrie Rose

Multi-color Tiger's Eye Bracelet

Multi-color Tiger's Eye Bracelet

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Introducing our stunning Multi-color Tiger's Eye bracelet! This powerful piece of jewelry is carefully crafted with Tiger's Eye stones, is known for promoting empowerment, intuition, strategy, and wisdom. This beautiful accessory is not just a fashion statement, but a means to enhance self-worth, personal power, and confidence.

Each color in this multi-faceted bracelet holds a special significance. The purple stones bring clarity, harmony, and tranquility. The yellow stones imbue strength, courage, and confidence. Green stones provide balance, harmony, and clarity. Blue stones symbolize wisdom, peace, and growth. Red stones ignite passion, motivation, and strength. Lastly, the pink stones promote acceptance, confidence, and inspiration.

Wear this bracelet as a protective shield promoting courage and confidence. It's a perfect accessory for those who seek to tap into their inner strength and wisdom. This bracelet isn't just a piece of jewelry; it's a wearable tool for manifesting your highest good. Note: this item is handmade with love and care, making each piece unique.

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