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Positive Energy Bracelet with Sodalite, Angelite & Clear Quartz

Positive Energy Bracelet with Sodalite, Angelite & Clear Quartz

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Experience a unique blend of tranquility, emotional balance, and amplified energy with our Positive Energy Bracelet, masterfully handcrafted with Sodalite, Angelite, and Clear Quartz.

Sodalite, known for promoting rational thinking and emotional equilibrium, encourages self-acceptance, creating a perfect balance in your life. Angelite, a stone of serenity, fosters a connection to universal knowledge, aids in healing and rebirthing, and opens up the pathway for psychic channeling. Clear Quartz, the "master healer" crystal, amplifies energy and thoughts, neutralizes negative energy, and purifies spaces, making it a powerful addition to this bracelet.

Wearing this bracelet is a beautiful way to keep positive energy flowing to you throughout the day, neutralize negativity, and connect yourself to a higher consciousness. Whether as a thoughtful gift or a personal treat, this Positive Energy Bracelet is a beautiful reminder of the power of positive energy and the potential within us all.

All sizes are in inches. 8MM Gemstone Beads.

Some beads may appear to have slight surface or internal characteristics. While every effort is made to represent color as accurately as possible, slight variations may occur due to differences in individual monitor's settings, flash used in photographing, natural light and sunlight, and photo enlargement.
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