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Valyrie Rose

Wealth, Prosperity and Abundance Bracelet

Wealth, Prosperity and Abundance Bracelet

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Wealth, Prosperity and Abundance Bracelet

The stone of opportunity. Encourages a playful money mindset. It brings well-being and emotional calm.

Soothes money-related anxiety and mind chatter attracting wealth, prosperity, and success. It imparts joy, wonder, delight, and enthusiasm.

This stone helps to motivate and build confidence. Especially impactful when it comes to attracting wealth and breaking through financial blocks.

Openness. Courage. Transformation. If you crave more courage when it comes to money matters, Malachite is for you. This gemstone transforms and heals our whole attitude magically. Dealing with money matters, and the idea that drives wealth can be hugely consuming, but Malachite is said to grant us that commitment to self and that inner strength we need to push forward. Any fears and doubts we are holding on to, Malachite invites us to let go. It helps us put down our baggage to have free hands to pick up all that we desire.

The "master healer." It is said that Clear Quartz amplifies energy by absorbing, storing, releasing, and regulating it. Clear Crystal Quartz amplifies other stones and also amplifies our intentions. This stone draws off negative energy of all kinds. It enhances psychic abilities, aids in concentration, unlocks memory, and awakens our intuition by making everything clearer.

Abundance. Peace. Balance. If you want to draw in higher levels of wealth and abundance, Amethyst is the right gemstone for you. This soft-hued purple stone is a total crown chakra connector and is said to keep us soaked in spirituality, even when dealing with down-to-earth cash flow issues. If you are tired of feeling nervous and jangled around money matters, Amethyst is said to keep frayed nerves soothed. It is also said that this beautiful stone will cut straight through stress keeping us connected to our higher purpose, which can stop us from scrabbling around for opportunities that don't serve us.


Some beads may appear to have slight surface or internal characteristics. While every effort is made to represent color as accurately as possible, slight variations may occur due to differences in individual monitor's settings, flash used in photographing, natural light and sunlight and photo enlargement.

How to Care for Your Bracelet

Do not immerse your bracelet in water for long periods. Remove your bracelets when swimming, showering/bathing, washing dishes, etc.

Avoid using harsh cleaning chemicals while wearing your bracelets. This can wear elastic.

Clean your bracelet with a soft, moist cloth. Avoid using jewelry cleaners or harsh chemicals as they can erode gems.

Do not stretch your bracelets. Roll on your wrist when you put them on and when removing them.

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